6 great cocktails to warm you up during winter

Many cocktails are often served with ice.

A cold alcoholic drink is usually not what you’re looking for in the winter season.

To get through winter’s worst days, here are some drinks you can make in your own kitchen:.

1. “Hot Toddy”
Use whiskey, honey, lemon juice and boiling water for this beverage.

2. “Hot Penicillin”
A Scotch-based cocktail that can be served warm and uses ginger, lemon and hone.

3. “Tom and Jerry”
For this drink, add warm milk and either bourbon, rum or brandy to eggnog.

4. “Hot Buttered Rum”
Mix a lump of butter with hot water, sugar and rum to experience this drink.

5. “Mulled Wine”
Combine red wine with sugar, spices and citrus fruits.

6. “Irish Coffee”
Besides whiskey and coffee, this classic can also include syrup and cream floats.

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