6 Phrases Every Nurse Manager Must Learn to Say

6 Phrases Every Nurse Manager Must Learn to Say
Being a nurse leader is challenging.
You might often feel like you are performing an impossible balancing act between management and the staff in your department.
I am sorry – Apologies restore relationships. But saying you are sorry is a sign of strength and character.
How can I help you? – If you have new staff or nurses in new roles, schedule one-on-one meetings with them at 30, 60 and 90 days to see how things are going and ask them how you can help.
What do you need from me as a leader? – They will likely provide more insight into what motivates them to do a good job than what they even realize.
Here’s why: give them the rationale behind big decisions, especially unpopular ones. They might not like the answer, but if they know that you will always provide the “”””why””””, they can probably come to live with the solution a little quicker.
Thank you – Fully engage with the person that has done something that you noticed or went above and beyond.

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