Greenland Lost a Record Amount of Ice in 2019, Report Finds

The analysis in ‘Communications Earth & Environment’ says the world’s largest island shed 532 billion metric tons last year.

That tops the previous record set in 2012, which was 464 billion metric tons.
The study adds that almost half of the ice lost came in July 2019.

Not only is the Greenland ice sheet melting, but it’s melting at a faster and faster pace, Study lead author Ingo Sasgen, via The Associated Press.

Should all of Greenland’s ice melt, CBS News says global sea levels would increase 20 feet.
The global rise from Greenland in 2019 was .06 inches, an amount study co-author Alex Gardner says is “astounding.”.

Ice sheets and glaciers are melting across the world at extremely high rates.
Because of colder summers, CBS News adds that amount of ice lost was low back in 2017 and 2018.

In 2019, ice melting rates began rising exponentially due to below-average amounts of snow.
After a two-year ‘breather’, in 2019 the mass loss increased steeply and exceeded all annual losses since 1948, and probably for more than 100 years, Study lead author Ingo Sasgen, via news release.

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