6 Awesome Aquariums You Have to Visit

6 Awesome Aquariums You Have to Visit
There are some larger aquariums dotted around the world that really do need to be seen to be believed.
The Aquarium of Western Australia, Perth (AQWA) has the distinction of being the largest aquarium in Australia. The aquarium lets you get as close to them as possible without getting wet!
As one of the largest shopping malls in the world, this vast building in Dubai is also one of the world’s largest aquariums in the world. Holding 2.64 million gallons of water, the wonderfully-named Dubai Aquarium and Discovery Center boasts 33,000 marine creatures across nearly 90 species.
The Georgia Aquarium opened back in 2005 but is still regarded as one of the best aquariums in the world.
Opened in 2002 as part of Ocean Expo Park, the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan is as exotic as its name suggests.
The Monterey Bay Aquarium was opened way back in 1984. All in all, there are more 600 different species in the aquarium.
The second largest aquarium in the world, SEA Aquarium opened in 2012 and is part of Resort World Sentosa complex.
A 27 ft high window pan found in the Open Ocean section of the building is also the second biggest of its type.

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