Crazy Drivers In Russia

Crazy Drivers In Russia.
The entire world looks at how people drive in Russia and questions the sanity of people there.
What Is “Being a Good Driver”?
Great drivers drive really fast! My silly 20-year-old self thought that cutting the lanes, speeding etc is cool. I now understood that good driving is the safe and smooth driving the one which is pleasant for the people, who are in the car with you.
But Why All Other Drivers Seem To Be Insane? Bought drivers licenses – You would be scared to know that a lot of drivers out there would’ve never passed the test if they did not pay a bribe.
Fatalist’s approach to safety – It is what it is, if it is meant to be, it will happen. Consequences of being a fatalist in Russia – you stop caring about safety at all.
Competitiveness – “Oh, that guy wants to show off? He thinks I cannot beat him?” “Challenge accepted!”
Bribes that can get you out of any situation that is diminishing now with the video cameras on the roads (in Moscow).

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