6,000 Stores in South Korea to Accept Cryptocurrency

6,000 Stores in South Korea to Accept Cryptocurrency.
Using South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb.
Bithumb and Korea Pay’s Services allow customers to purchase big brand gift cards with cryptocurrency.
Another strategic alliance was formed with online South Korean travel portal Innovation Corp, servicing over 50,000 hotels and accommodation facilities to start accepting 12 cryptocurrencies.
An app will allow its 2 million monthly users to book rooms on their phones, paying fees directly from their Bithumb accounts.
Bithumb is the most popular and safest cryptocurrency exchange platform in South Korea.
Bithumb partnered with BitPay to allow businesses to convert invoices to Bitcoin, cutting costs on traditional banking fees and saving time on settlements.
Crypto enthusiasts will be able to place food orders and pay from their accounts at crypto kiosks at local retail spaces.

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