Crypto Terms You Should Know

Crypto Terms You Should Know
HODL – The act of holding on to a coin for the long term instead of selling it.
Altcoin – Every cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin.
FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out. This happens when a coin is rising in value and you’re considering buying at a high price even though you might be too late.
Moon – Where everyone wants their coin to go up and into outer space.
Shitcoin – A worthless and dead coin with no real value.
Bag Holder – Someone who is holding a lot of coins in the hopes that it will go up in the future.
Dumping – Downward price movement of a decision to sell a coin.
Whale – A Super wealthy trader with a lot of money to spend.
Mining – The process of verifying transactions on thee Blockchain resulting in rewards for those who lend their computing power.
Long – A decision to hold onto a coin for the long term.
Swing – When the price of coin is moving up and down at a rapid rate.
Punping – A coordinated effort to boost a coin by buying a lot of it all at once.
Bearish – When the sentiment on a coin is negative.
Bullish – When the sentiment on a coin is positive.
Exchange – Websites that allow you to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies.
FIAT – Any currency that is issued by a government.

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