Majority of Americans are fine with eating less meat

The findings come from a survey conducted by Yale and Earth Day Network.

More than 1,000 U.S. adults participated. Fruits and vegetables are far from unpopular, with over nine out of 10 saying they are inclined to eat more of them.

More than half are also willing to eat less red meat and go for plant-based options. Reasons such as cost and uncertainty seem to be keeping people from healthier diets.

58 percent claim a greener diet is too heavy on the wallet. Half are unsure of what to buy and how to cook certain products. 64 percent even say that nobody has ever encouraged them to eat healthier products.

Experts say eating more plant-based food helps you as well as the environment.

Earth Day Network director Jillian Semaan also says its the quickest stance one can take in the battle against climate change.
If we do not make the connection between food that we’re eating and climate change, we’re doing ourselves a disservice, Jillian Semaan, via The Verge

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