Why does Iowa vote First?

The state’s February 3rd caucus is the first major contest of the 2020 U.S. presidential primary season.

Based off its demographics, some critics claim another state should have it.

In a ‘Slate’ discussion, journalist John Dickerson says Iowa being first is simply political tradition.

It goes back to local parties and their traditions. If you’re running for office, and you think you’ve got a chance in Iowa, you suck up to the party, and you want Iowa to be the first, John Dickerson, via ‘Slate’.

Back in 1972, Iowa decided to start holding its Democratic caucus first. Four years later, it did the same for Republicans.

Dickerson adds that candidates in the past have gotten the nomination while ignoring Iowa. He also explains that voters can simply not put too much stock in the state being first.

People could just not put so much weight on Iowa. When somebody scores first in basketball, people don’t leave the stadium, John Dickerson, via ‘Slate’

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