5 Ways to Improve and Maintain Optimum Mental Health

1, Relieve Your Stress.
Techniques such as meditation can help reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.
2, Learn Something New.
Research shows that trying new things creates more patterns for your neural activity, helping to keep your brain sharp and maintaining mental health.
3, Stay Active.
Inactivity can lead to functional and structural changes in the brain, increasing the chance of developing cardiovascular problems. Find the right kind of exercise for you, whether it’s aerobic, strength training or trying a new sport.
4, Make Time for Sleep.
Too little sleep can affect brain functions that include alertness, memory, the ability to learn verbally and your emotional state.
5, Put Down Your Mobile Device.
Smart device addiction has been associated with increased mental health conditions, reduced self-esteem, limited learning abilities and higher chances of cognitive decline.
Take time to care for your mental health.

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