Floyd Mayweather to Come out of Retirement in 2020

On Nov. 21, Mayweather took to Instagram to announce an end to his boxing retirement.

In his post, Mayweather posed for a photo with UFC president Dana White and hinted at a “spectacular event” in 2020. Floyd Mayweather, via Instagram.

An hour later, Mayweather posted a photo of himself in boxing gear with the caption, “coming out of retirement in 2020”. Mayweather first retired from the “brutal sport” in 2015 after beating Andre Berto According to a recent interview with Reuters, Mayweather made the decision to retire because “[his] health is [his] wealth” Floyd Mayweather, to Reuters.

Since then, he’s only come out of retirement once, in 2017, to face off against Conor McGregor, whom he defeated by TKO.

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