Microsoft Announces Windows 11 Will Launch in October

Microsoft Announces Windows 11 Will Launch in October.

On August 31, Microsoft said that it will start offering free upgrades to Windows 11, on October 5.

CNBC reports that Windows, first released in 1985, remains a key piece of Microsoft’s business.

In the second quarter, Windows saw $6.6 billion in revenue, 14% of the company’s total revenue.

According to CNBC, the successful release of Windows 11 could help to secure the future of the franchise.

Aaron Woodman, general manager for Windows marketing, said that Microsoft will use on-device data to determine which devices will get the upgrade first.

The Windows Update feature will reportedly notify people when the upgrade is available. To check for the update manually, users can also go to Settings > System > Windows Update.

Windows 10 was released in 2015, making this the longest period of time between iterations of Windows.

The update comes as Microsoft faces fierce competition from Chromebooks running Google’s Chrome OS.

Windows remains the world’s most popular PC operating system with 1.3 billion monthly active devices.

Microsoft said the company will continue to support Windows 10 through 2025

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